Bill Gates (Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation), Bill Roedy (former CEO of MTV Networks International), The Afghan Minister of health, UNICEF, WHO, Hans Rosling, the World Bank and several other top world leaders have one thing in common: A passion for reaching “The Fifth Child”.


If you live in one of our worlds developed countries, you probably don’t think that much about the effect of vaccines. It’s just “something” you have been given at a health station, hospital or at school during your early childhood.


– But what about those children living in the worlds poorest countries? Or places of conflict? And is it any truth in claims about vaccines leading to lethal diseases?


In this documentary, we tell the story of what has, and is being done to reach “The Fifth Child”, and the people who work tirelessly to fulfill this mission.


The Fifth Child is now available for rent and download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon